Tanagers, Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Buntings: Eggs, Incubation & Fledging

Species of Bird# EggsIncubation
Time to
Black-capped Chickadee6-812 days16 days
Carolina Chickadee611-12 days13-17 days
Boreal Chickadee4-911-15 days18 days
Tufted Titmouse4-813-14 days17-18 days
Verdin3-610 days21 days
Bushtit5-712 days14-15 days
Red-breasted Nuthatch5-712 days16-21 days
White-breasted Nuthatch3-912 days14 days
Brown-headed Nuthatch3-914 days18-19 days
Brown Creeper5-614-16 days13-15 days
Cactus Wren3-716 days19-23 days
Rock Wren4-612-14 days14-16 days
Carolina Wren4-812-14 days12-14 days
Bewick’s Wren4-1114 days14 days
House Wren5-612-15 days16-17 days
Winter Wren4-714-16 days19 days
Sedge Wren4-812-15 days12-14 days
Marsh Wren3-813-15 days14-16 days
Species of Bird# EggsIncubation TimeTime to Fledge
Blue Grosbeak2-511-12 days9-13 days
Evening Grosbeak2-511-14 days13-14 days
Indigo Bunting2-612 days10-12 days
Lark Bunting3-612 days8-9 days
Northern Cardinal2-512-13 days9-11 days
Painted Bunting3-511-12 days12-14 days
Pine Grosbeak2-613-15 days13-20 days
Rose-breasted Grosbeak3-612-14 days9-12 days
Scarlet Tanager2-512-14 days9-10 days
Snow Bunting3-910-16 days10-17 days
Summer Tanager3-512 days9-13 days

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