Bird of Paradise Species in Indonesia

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Species of Birds of Paradise native to, or found in, Indonesia

Arfak Astrapia (Astrapia nigra) / Bird of Paradise – Range: Restricted to the Arfak Mountains in Vogelkop Peninsula, West Papua

Birds of Paradise (Paradisaeidae)

Greater Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea apoda)

Lesser Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea minor)

Red Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea rubra) – Range: Lowland rainforests of Waigeo and Batanta islands of West Papu

Silken Satinbird or Yellow-breasted Bird-of-paradise (Loboparadisea sericea)

Velvet Satinbird (Cnemophilus loriae), formerly Loria’s Bird of Paradise)

Wilson’s Bird of Paradise (Cicinnurus respublica) – Range: Hill and lowland rainforests of Waigeo and Batanta Islands off West Papua in Indonesia

Berlepsch’s Parotia (Parotia berlepschi) – Range: Foja Mountains of Papua, Indonesia

Western Parotia (Parotia sefilata)

Red Bird of Paradise
Wilson's Bird of Paradise
Antenna Satinbird
Greater Bird of Paradise
Walce's Standardwing
Western Parotia
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