Images of Parrots Found in Indonesia

Listing of Parrots found in Indonesia

Other Birds found in Indonesia

Below are photos of parrots that occur naturally in Indonesia. Each image is linked to the respective species page, allowing you to learn more about them and view more photos.

Green-naped / Rainbow Lorikeet
Meyer's Lorikeet
Green Racket-tailed Parrot
Amboina King Parrot
Bechstein's Violet-necked Lory
Rosenberg's Lorikeet
Red-winged Parrot
Weber's Lorikeet
Dusky Lory
Stella's Lorikeet
Yellow-streaked Lory
Yellow-backed Lory
Great-billed Parrot
Forsten's Lorikeet
Black Lory
Black-winged Lory
Blue-backed Parrot
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