Kinglet Calypturas

The Kinglet Calyptura (Calyptura cristata) is endemic to Atlantic forest in south-eastern Brazil.

One confirmed sighting occured ca. 1960 (Fuller, E. Extinct Birds of the World QL676.8.F85 1987 ISBN 0-8160-1833-2 p.173).

For a long time this species was feared to be extinct. However, two birds were observed in Serra dos Órgãos in October 1996.

Since these sighting, there have not been any confirmed records. Although one more recent, yet unconfirmed, record exists from near Ubatuba.

This species is Critically Endangered because its tiny population is likely to continue to decline due to extensive habitat loss and fragmentation within its already limited range.


It averages 3 inches or 8 cm in length.

The plumage is mostly yellowish, with a bright yellowish-olive above. The forehead and rump are yellow. It has a very short tail and dusky wings with two white wing-bars and tip to tertials (= the flight feathers that are closest to the bird’s body along the wing).

Its bright yellow below with olive wash on the breast. It has long red feathers on the mid-crown, surrounded by black, often raised to form crest.

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