Kruper’s Nuthatches

The Kruper’s Nuthatches (Sitta krueperi) are delicate, tiny birds which are for the most part endemic to Turkey, but are also found in the neighboring areas of Georgia and Russia, as well as occurring in the eastern part of Greece, and on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Breeding / Nesting

Most breeding activities occur between early April to mid-May. Birds living in the coastal areas and in higher altitudes will lay as many as 4 weeks earlier.

Generally, females will produce only one clutch per breeding season. They choose the pine forests of Antalya, Turkey in which to build their nests.

Diet / Feeding

These insect-eating birds are quite a sight to see. They can even stretch downward from and upside-down position to drink water from the leaves of trees without ever touching the ground! They often seen climbing up and down tree trunks, clinging to the undersides of branches, and even drumming on the wood, like a woodpecker, as they dig insects out of the trees.

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