Tyrant Flycatchers

Euler Flycatcher

Genus Lathrotriccus is a small genus of passerine birds in the tyrant flycatcher family.


Distribution / Habitat:

They breed in tropical South America, including, for one species, the islands of Trinidad and formerly also Grenada. These are birds of fairly open habitats such as open woods and arid scrub.



They closely resembles the Empidonax flycatchers in appearance, and were formerly placed in that genus, but differ anatomically and biochemically.

They are inconspicuous birds, tending to keep to undergrowth perches from which they sally forth to catch insects.


There are only two known species in this genus:

  • Euler’s Flycatcher, Lathrotriccus euleri
    • Grenadan Euler’s Flycatcher, Lathrotriccus euleri flaviventris – formerly Empidonax euleri johnstonei; extinct (early 1950s)

  • Gray-breasted Flycatcher, Lathrotriccus griseipectus : Found in Ecuador and Peru. The continued existence of this species is threatened by habitat destruction.


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