The liocichlas occur naturally found in Asia from India to China.

Bugun Liocichla


  • Grey-faced Liocichla, also known as the Omei Shan or Emei Shan Liocichla, Liocichla omeiensis:
    • It is closely related to the Bugun Liocichla.Endemic to mountain ranges in Southern Sichuan, China, where it inhabits the undergrowth of semi-tropical rain forests. This altitudinal migrant spends the summer months above 1000 m and moving below 600m in the winter.The plumage is olive-grey except for the red wing patches. The plumage on the face is grey with a slight red ring on each side of the face.
  • Steere’s Liocichla, Liocichla steerii:
    • Found in China and Taiwan.
  • Red-faced Liocichla, Liocichla phoenicea:
    • Found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam, where it inhabits subtropical or tropical moist montanes.
  • Bugun Liocichla, Liocichla bugunorum
    • Found only on the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunchal Pradesh, India.


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