Long-crested Mynahs, aka Ceram King Starlings, Ceram Mynas

The Long-crested Mynas (Basilornis corythaix) are endemic to Indonesia.

They are also known as Ceram (King) Starlings / Mynas, Seram (King) Starlings, or Long-crested Mynas.

Distribution / Habitat

Long-crested Mynas occur naturally on the island of Seram (formerly Ceram, also called Seran or Serang) part of the Indonesian Maluku province (southern Moluccas).

They are generally uncommon, although locally numerous (Coates and Bishop 1997). Their numbers are believed to be declining due to ongoing habitat destruction and fragmentation.

These birds are generally seen alone, in pairs or in small groups.



Long-crested Mynas measure about 9.5 – 10.2 inches ( 24 – 26 cm) in length.

Plumage Details / Adults

  • The back, mantle, rump, chest and belly are black with green iridescence;
  • the top of the head is metallic purplish black;
  • the tall, erect crest is bronzy black (not metallic);
  • the small white patches below the eyes and on the chest;
  • some scattered hair on the throat are variably finely tipped white;
  • the plumage below is bluish black with a steely luster;
  • the wings are brownish-grey paler at the base of the inner web;
  • the tail is bronzy black, except for the outer feathers, which are black with green edges;

Other Physical Details

  • The bill is cream-colored.
  • The bare circum-orbital skin (skin around the eyes) is dark
  • The tail is wedge-shaped.
  • The legs are yellow.

Gender ID

Males and females look alike.

Diet / Feeding

Long-crested mynahs mostly feed on fruits and are frequent visitors to fruiting trees.

Calls / Vocalizations / Sounds

Their vocalizations are …

  • series of 5, loud, piercing rising whistles; or
  • various nasal ascending and descending notes interspersed with occasional short piping notes

Sound Recordings

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ????? … Czech: Špacek seramský, špa?ek seramský … Danish: Seramkongestær … Dutch: Molukse Koningsspreeuw … Finnish: Seraminkuningaskottarainen … French: Basilorne de Céram, Mainate des Moluques … German: Molukken Atzel, Molukkenatzel … Indonesian: Rajaperling Seram … Italian: Maina crestalunga, Storno reale di seram … Japanese: seramuoosamamukudori … Norwegian: Toppstær … Polish: perukarz dlugoczuby, perukarz d?ugoczuby … Russian: ?????????? ??????? ??????? … Slovak: majna dlhochochlá, majna dlhochochlatá … Spanish: Estornino Real de Ceram, Miná Moluqueño … Swedish: Ceramstare

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