Long-tailed Trillers

The Long-tailed Trillers (Lalage leucopyga) occur naturally on the Pacific Islands of New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, where they inhabit subtropical rainforests.

The nominate race – the Norfolk Island Long-tailed Trillers – has become extinct, with the last record of it in 1942. Their extinction is attributed to a combination of predation by Black Rats and loss / destruction of habitat.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • Norfolk Island Long-tailed Trillers (Lalage leucopyga leucopyga – Gould, 1838) – Nominate form
    • Range: Extinct. Formerly found on Norfolk Island in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand
  • Lalage leucopyga affinis (Tristram, 1879)
    • Range: Southeastern Solomons (San Cristobal and Uki Islands).
  • Lalage leucopyga deficiens (Mayr and Ripley, 1941)
    • Range: Torres and Banks Islands
  • Lalage leucopyga albiloris (Mayr and Ripley, 1941)
    • Range: Northern and central Vanuatu.
  • Lalage leucopyga simillima (F. Sarasin, 1913)
    • Range: Southern Vanuatu and Loyalty Islands
  • Lalage leucopyga montrosieri (J. Verrreaux and Des Murs, 1860)

Alternate (Global) Names

Czech: Housencík dlouhoocasý, housen?ík dlouhoocasý … Danish: Langhalet Triller … Dutch: Langstaarttriller … Finnish: Pitkäpyrstölivertäjä … French: Echenilleur pie, Échenilleur pie … German: Langschwanzlalage, Langschwanz-Lalage … Italian: Mangiabruchi codalunga, Trillatore codalunga … Japanese: onaganakisanshoukui … Norwegian: Melanesiatrillefugl … Polish: gasienicojad melanezyjski, g?sienicojad melanezyjski … Russian: ????????????? ?????????-??????? … Slovak: húseniciarka strakatá, húseni?iarka strakatá … Spanish: Gorjeador de Cola Larga, Oruguero Colilargo … Swedish: Långstjärtad nålfågel

Long-tailed Triller (Lalage leucopyga)

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