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The Long-tailed Myna (Mino kreffti) is a member of the starling family. It is resident in the Bismarck Archipelago and northern Solomon Islands. It resembles the Yellow-faced Myna, and the two were formerly considered conspecific.

Its binomial name commemorates Gerard Krefft, Australian zoologist and palaeontologist.



This is a very large myna, 29-32 cm in length, with mainly purple-glossed black plumage. It has bright orange-yellow patches of naked skin around each eye. It has a yellow lower belly and white wing patches, which are obvious in flight. The rump and undertail are white and the strong bill is bright yellow.

This myna is arboreal, and is found alone or in pairs in open lowland forests and plantations. It is a conspicuous and vocal species with a wide range of whistles and squawks.


Breeding / Nesting

The Long-tailed Myna nests in tree holes, often in palms. The eggs are pale blue with delicate reddish or grey markings.


Diet / Feeding

It feeds mainly on fruits and berries, and sometimes on spiders, insects, eggs, nestlings, frogs and lizards.


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