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Black-cap LoryBlack Lory Black-winged LoryBlue-crowned Lorikeet Blue-eared LorikeetBlue-streak LoryChattering Red Lory Duyvenbode's LoryGoldie's LorikeetDusky LoryIris LorikeetGoldie LorikeetKuhl's Lory Green-naped / Rainbow LorikeetCardinal LoryEdward's LorikeetMeyer's LorikeetMusk LorikeetEmerald Lorikeet Papuan LorikeetOrnate LoryPerfect LorikeetPurple-crowned LorikeetPleasing / Red-flanked LorikeetPurple-bellied LoryRainbow LoriesRed LoryRed and Blue LorikeetRed-collared Lorikeet
Red-rumped LorikeetScaly-breasted LorikeetStella's LorikeetStriated LorikeetRainbow LorikeetsTahitian Blue LoryUltramarine LoryVaried LorikeetWeber's LorikeetWhiskered LorkeetViolet-necked LorikeetYellow-and-green LorikeetYellow-backed LoryYellow-bibbed LoryYellow-headed LoryYellow-streaked LoryCollared or Solitary LoryMount Goliath LorikeetMount Goliath Lorikeet Dark Phase

Male and Female Red-flanked Lorikeet

Red-collared lorikeetForsten's lorikeetRosenberg's LorikeetBechstein's Violet-necked LoryYellow-backed Lory


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