MacGregor's BowerbirdsThe Macgregor’s Bowerbirds (Amblyornis macgregoriae) occur naturally in the mountain forests of New Guinea, where it is common and widespread.

This medium-sized bird measures up to 26 cm in length. The plumage is olive brown bowerbird. The male can be identified by his erectile orange yellow crest, that partly hidden until shown in courtship display. The female resembles the male but lacks the crest.

The male pairs up with several females. He builds a tower-like “maypole-type” bower, with a central pole of twigs surrounded by a dish of moss with raised walls approximately 1 meter in diameter (featured to the right). He decorates the twigs of the maypole with flowers, insects and other objects.

MacGregor’s Bowerbirds mostly feed on fruits and insects.


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