Mayr’s Painted Tiger Parrots

The Mayr’s Painted Tiger Parrots (Psittacella b. excelsa) are indigenous to the mountains of Central Highlands of New Guinea.

This species is endangered in its natural habitat due to habitat destruction.


This parrots looks similar to the Painted Parrots (picta), but entire head dark olive-brown. The narrow yellow band is restricted to sides of head and is not forming collar.

The female also looks like the Painted Parrot, but her head is olive-brown, her cheeks darker blue; and her breast more strongly washed with blue.

Species Names

Scientific: Psittacella b. excelsa … English: Mayr’s Painted Parrot … Dutch: Mayrs Bruinkoptijgerparkiet … German: Mayrs Gemalter Bindensittich … French: Psittacelle de peindre Mayr

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