Metallic Starling aka Shining Starlings

The Metallic Starling (Aplonis metallica) – also known as Shining Starling – is native of New Guinea and nearby Australasian islands, and a limited area of northeastern Australia.

These starlings migrate during August to the northern regions of Queensland, where they mate.

Metallic Starling

Distribution / Range

They preparing messy globular nests for their young which hang from tall trees. There they remain until April, where upon they make their return journey to New Guinea.


The adult has brilliant red eyes, a long tail and green-glossed black plumage.

Immature birds are pale below with dark streaks.

Metallic Starling, Aplonis metallica
Metallic Starlings
Metallic Starlings
Metallic Starling
Metallic Starling
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