It’s time to meet Molly, Debby’s pal


Molly was severely spraddled legged, when the breeder did her nest check.
She was a surprise, and the parents had pushed her way in a corner, and the
breeder didn’t see her. When the breeder finally saw her, she called me, and
we pulled Molly. She weighed 19 grams, and her legs were straight out to both
sides. The breeder said, I could have her if I wanted her. So into the bra
she went, and we went straight to the vet. He said she was very small,
dehydrated, and malnourished. We taped the legs, and the vet said she should be put
to sleep. I went home with Molly, and was bound and determined to save her.
I put her in a special chicken wire cage with big logs so she would learn
to climb and perch. The above picture shows her learning how to
perch on her stand. She just turned a year old, weighs 167 grams, but she is
a pretty little bird, and is now saying ” Whatcha doing mama”?

Thanks Debby for sharing your wonderful story. It was a delight to learn about Molly.

People like you are inspirational …


Sibylle Faye