Mottled Petrels

The Mottled Petrel (Pterodroma inexpectata) is a species of seabird and a member of the gadfly petrels.


The bird is 33-35 cm in size, with a 74-82 cm wingspan.

This species is highly pelagic (open sea), rarely approaching land, except to nest and rear young.


It is a transequatorial migrant, breeding in New Zealand and some of the lesser islands, then moving to the Bering Sea, concentrating in the Gulf of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.

Diet / Feeding

The Mottled Petrel feeds on mostly fish and squid, with some crustaceans taken.


The Mottled Petrel uses burrows and rock crevices to nest in.

Mottled Petrel (Pterodroma inexpectata)


It was formerly more numerous than today. The species’ numbers have been and continue to be affected by predation by introduced mammals.


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