Interesting Muscovy Duck Facts

Feral Muscovie Ducks photographed in Michigan - probably two males

Muscovy Duck spotted in Japan

Muscovy facts

  • Muscovy Ducks usually live for 7-8 years; however they can live up to 20 years or more if they have access to good nutrition and don’t fall victim to an accident or predation.
  • The males can be very aggressive towards other birds. They are often observed in fights, using their claws, wings and beaks. They will chase away other males and pursue unwilling females in order to forcibly mate with them. The dominant male may even force himself on other males, particularly when the females are busy brooding eggs or raising their ducklings. This being said, they are generally quite friendly with people.
  • Muscovies communicate with one another by wagging their tails and raising and lowering their heads at one another.
  • Unlike other ducks, Muscovies don’t swim much as their oil glands are quite under-developed compared to other duck species. However, they still fly (low flight mostly), swim and walk fairly well.
  • Unlike most domestic waterfowl, Muscovies will often fly up into trees to roost.
  • Muscovies graze like geese.

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