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The Negros Striped Babblers (Zosterornis nigrorum) – also known as Negros Babblers or Negros Tree Babblers – are endemic to the west central Philippine island of Negros, where they are only known from Mount Talinis in the south, where they are fairly common, and from Mount Canlaon in the north. Recent sightings also placed them at Mount Hapono-haponon in Mantikil, Siaton.

Due to their limited and declining range, this species is considered endangered.

They are mostly considered a full species; however, notwithstanding some vocal differences, some authorities consider them a subspecies of the Luzon Striped-Babbler (Stachyris [striata, nigrorum or hypogrammica].


Calls / Vocalizations


Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ???? … Czech: Timálie ostrovní … Danish: Negroskrattimalie … Dutch: Negrosboomtimalia, Negros-boomtimalia … Finnish: negrosintimali, Negrossaarentimali … French: Timalie de Negros … German: Negros Timalie, Negrosstreifentimalie, Negrostimalie … Italian: Garrulo striato di Negros … Japanese: negurosumorichimedori … Norwegian: Negrosstripetimal … Polish: cierniodziób oliwkowy … Russian: ?????????? ???????? … Slovak: kujutan olivový … Spanish: Timalí de la Negros … Swedish: Negrosbusktimalia

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