Beloved Pet Of
Gary and RoxanneMcCormick

One day, at a localpetshop, while shopping for new and interesting toys for my bird, Iglanced over at a hospital cage full of baby tiels, that were stillbeing hand fed, I saw a beautiful baby, the likes of which I had neverseen before. It was love at first sight. I knew this little one wasgoing home with me. She could not come home till she was weaned, whichwas 2 weeks later. The pet shop told me she was a very light coloredcinnamon, she was the color of tan, with very brilliant red eyes. Ilater found out she was a Fallow. Norton was my second bird, and thevery first Fallow I had ever seen. She is the one responsible for mylove and addiction to this beautiful mutation.

Norton was a verygentle natured bird, unless you tried to take her Avi Cakes away thenthis sweet natured little girl would turn into a raging fanged monster.This was established early on in our relationship. Her otherfavorite things were head scratches, a goofy looking toy, called Rosiethe Robot, riding mom’s shoulder, whether vacuuming or watching tv. OneSunday morning in Sept. we awoke to find Norton in extreme respiratorydistress. Called around till we found an emergency clinic which had avet that saw birds on occasion. The vet said she was sick, I feltshe had something lodged in her throat. The vet gave her a shot, andsent us home with medicine. Sadly, after several hours of agony,she left us. Later, that week, the cause of death, reported to meby my avian vet was that she had aspirated on a millet seed that waslodged in her throat. Norton is buried in the yard, under aFlowering Plum Tree. She was the joy of my life, and the griefinvolved in losing her was, and still is tremendous.

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