Old World (Afro-Eurasia) Vultures InformationVultures found in the Americas (“New World”)

Below are the different vultures found in “Old World” (Europe, Asia and Africa) – clicking on any of the photos will take you to the respective species page, with information on the species and more photos.

Bearded VulturePalm-nut Vulture

White-headed VultureEurasian Black Vulture

Indian White-rumped VultureLappet-faced Vulture

Griffin VultureRuppel's Vulture

Red-headed VultureWhite-backed Vulture

Long-billed VultureHooded Vulture, Necrosyrtes monachusHimalayan Griffon VultureEgyptian Vulture - Egyptian VultureCape GriffonCanarian Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus majorensis), or Guirre

Slender-billed Vulture


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