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The Omnitherm™ features a totally new approach to heating incubators.

Omnitherm™ heaters are usually conductive ink printed onto a thin film of plastic which cover large areas of the incubator wall. Where the heater covers observation areas of the incubator, the film is transparent and the conductive ink is confined to narrow “bars” to minimize obstruction to visibility. There are two outstanding advantages from Omnitherm™ technology and several supplementary benefits:

  • Omnitherm™ heating of clear observation areas balances the radiant* losses to which the eggs would otherwise be subjected. Even at correct air temperature, an egg exposed to a large surface of clear “window” will be subject to increased radiant heat loss due mostly to radiant transfer to the cool window surface but also to direct radiant loss through the window.
  • Omnitherm™ heating covers large areas of the perimeter of the incubator, offsetting heat losses where they occur. The low heat density and large area ensures that the heater temperature is usually only a degree or two higher than incubator air temperature. This makes very even air temperature much easier to achieve throughout the egg space.
  • Omnitherm™ heaters are exceptionally responsive to control. This is because they have very low thermal inertia and very low temperature rise. Temperature stability better than ±0.1° C or F is quite achievable with suitable electronic control.
  • Omnitherm™ heaters have a very long life. Thermal stresses promote premature heater failures.
  • Omnitherm™  heaters have exceptionally low thermal stress because of the low temperature rise.
  • Omnitherm™  technology is the means to the most stable small incubator environment yet devised.
  • Maxwell defined radiation as “energy which travels from one place to another without heating the intervening medium”
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