Pacific Baza or Crested Hawk

The Pacific Baza, Aviceda subcristata is also known as the Crested Hawk.

Pacific Baza or Crested Hawk, Aviceda subcristata


This is a slender, medium-sized hawk with a distinctive crest. Its upperside is mainly dark brown, with a grey head and yellow eyes. It is conspicuously barred white and dark brown on the breast and on the underside of the tail and flight feathers.

Females are slightly larger than males.

Pacific Baza or Crested Hawk, Aviceda subcristata

Distribution / Range

It is found in coastal and subcoastal areas of northern and eastern Australia, Wallacea, New Guinea and adjacent islands.

Diet / Feeding

It feeds on stick insects (especially when breeding) as well as other large insects, tree frogs, lizards, small birds and fruit.

Pacific Baza (Aviceda subcristata - Immature / Young Bird

Breeding / Nesting

It nests high in forest and woodland trees, with a clutch size of 2-4.

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