Why Do Cockatiels Have Mohawks? How a Cockatiel’s Crest is a Barometer of its Emotions

Why Do Cockatiels Have Mohawks

The unique crest on your cockatiel’s head is not just a cute oddity. These crests often speak louder than words! We look at why cockatiels have mohawks in the article below. The crest atop a cockatiel’s head is one of its key identifying features. However, giving the birds a distinguished appearance isn’t the only purpose … Read more

Muscovy Duck Egg Laying & Incubation Guide: What To Know

Muscovy Duck Egg Laying & Incubation Guide

Have questions about hatching Muscovy duck eggs? This comprehensive guide covers everything from egg laying to candling to using an incubator so you can successfully hatch your eggs! Most people are probably accustomed to chicken eggs. After all, an egg is just an egg, right? Wrong. Many species of birds lay incredibly different eggs, in … Read more