Canary won’t stop laying eggs

I was given two canaries (one female and one male) by my cousin who could not care for them anymore and I’ve had them for about a year and a half. In April, the female canary had to be taken to the vet to have her leg band removed because it was constricting her. I had kept her in a separate cage from the male during that period and when everything was done and I put her back, she immediately laid eggs.

Since then, she’s laid many eggs and in most cases the eggs wouldn’t hatch and in some cases, the eggs would hatch but the babies would die soon after. So far only three hatched.

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My Bird Died

I bought this couple of cockateils 50 days ago exactly aiming at having them breeding and giving to new babies which I had in mind to raise and train one myself.

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Canary (Serinus canaria)

I have just got a 6ft x 5ft outside Aviary. I don’t wish to breed birds but just for show or song. Can I keep say just cocks or just hens or any other suggestion please.

Canary no longer singing

Our canary always sang – all the time. He went through a molt in June, July and half of August. I know they will stop singing during a molt but it’s been two months since then and he still is not singing – at all. Just sits quietly in his cage. Anyone know why that would be? He’s no longer molting – I no longer find any feathers like I was seeing during his molt. So I’m fairly certain his molting period is over and has been for several weeks. Anyone have a similar experience?

Bathing dishes for pet birds

I did not like the bathing dishes offered. They were too small for my green-cheeked Conure and the edges were too thin and slippery. I found a clay dish, the kind used to put under a pot, that is perfect. It is easy to clean, fits in the bottom of my sink, has a one-inch depth, is wide enough for her to get all her feathers wet and the rim is wide and not slippery. There are so many sizes that I’m sure you can find one that fits your bird.

New to this, what colour

We have just got our black cheeked lovebirds, if we are lucky and they breed, what colours could we get? Female is the Turquoise one and the Male is the Blue one.
Thank you in advance