Palawan Striped Babblers

The Palawan Striped Babblers (Zosterornis hypogrammica) – also known as Palawan Tree-babblers or Buff-capped Babblers – are endemic to the western Philippines, where they are found in southwestern parts of the island of Palawan (Mounts Mantaling and Borangbato).

Some authorities consider them a subspecies of the Luzon Striped-Babbler (Stachyris [striata, nigrorum or hypogrammica].

These babblers are threatened by habitat destruction.

Alternative (Global) Names

Chinese: ????? … Czech: timálie alpínská, Timálie Salomonsenova … Danish: Palawankrattimalie … Dutch: Palawanboomtimalia, Palawan-boomtimalia … Finnish: Palawaninlymytimali … French: Timalie de Palawan … German: Palawanstreifentimalie, Palawantimalie … Italian: Garrulo striato di Palawan … Japanese: parawammorichimedori, parawanmorichimedori … Norwegian: Palawanstripetimal … Polish: cierniodziób palawanski, cierniodziób palawa?ski … Russian: ??????????? ???????? … Slovak: kujutan bublavý … Swedish: Palawanbusktimalia … Spanish: Timalí de Palawan

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