Paler Brehm’s Parrots

As Brehm’s Parrots (brehmii), but plumage generally much more yellowish, particularly on breast and abdomen however this varies from bird to bird; some birds with bluish tinge to abdomen; bill narrower than brehmii.

Female as brehmii, but plumage generally much more yellowish; yellow edging to breast extends to sides of body and down to thighs; bill narrower.

Immatures as female, but edging to breast and back narrower and duller; under tail-coverts orange-red with yellowish-green tips; iris yellowish-brown.

Length: 24 cm (9.5 ins), wing length 112 – 130 mm (4.5 – 5 ins)


They can be found in the Schrader Mountains, Hindenburg Mountains east to mountains of southeast New GuineaCITES II – Endangered Species

Species Names:

Scientific: Psittacella brehmii pallida … English: Paler Brehm’s Parakeet … Dutch: Bleke Tijgerparkiet … German: Blasser Brehms Bindensittich … French: Psittacelle regle jaune de Brehm

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