Alphabetical Listing of Parrotlet Species

Yellow-faced Pacific Parrotlet (Male)Most common Parrotlet Species


Listing by Genus:

Genus: Forpus

Forpus is the most well-known genus of parrotlet. It includes all species of parrotlets that are commonly kept as pets, including the Pacific Parrotlet, Mexican Parrotlet as well as the Spectacled Parrotlet.

Genus: Touit

The Touit Parrotlets are endemic to the Venezuela-Guyana area, Northern Andes, and Bahia. Only three of the eight species have ever been brought into aviculture and breeders were unable to keep any of them alive long enough to breed them.

Genus: Nannopsittaca

Of the two species in the Genus Nannopsittaca only one – the Tepui Parrot (Nannopsittaca panychlora) – has been successfully kept in captivity.


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