Pionus ParrotsWhite-capped Pionus

The Pionus Parrots are endemic to Central and South America.


The most commonly available pionuses in the pet trade are (Species Name and Origin):

  • Blue-headed Parrot – Tropical Central and South America: Costa Rica and Trinidad south to Bolivia and South to Central Brazil.
  • Maximilian’s Parrot – Central-eastern South America, including Bolivia, Paraguay, Eastern Brazil, and Northern Argentina.
  • White-capped Parrot – Central America: western Panama north to south-eastern Mexico in San Luis Potosi and southern Tamaulipas
  • Dusky Parrot – South America: Southern Venezuela, Guianas, extreme north-eastern Colombia and northern Brazil / Lower Amazon.
  • Bronze-winged Parrot – South America: Andes of Colombia (except NariƱo), Ecuador, Peru, and furthest northwest Venezuela.


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Lutino Dusky Pionus Description:

Pionus is a medium-sized parrot with a chunky body, bare eye ring, (which can vary in color) and a short tail.

They are similar to Amazon parrots, but smaller.

Coloration is generally subdued yet complex; under bright lighting, their feathers shimmer with iridescent brilliance. All species share a bright red patch of feathers under the tail; the scientific name of one species, the Blue-headed Pionus, (P. menstruus), refers to this.

Males and females look alike, and surgical or DNA (blood) sexing is recommendef for all Pionus species if gender needs to be confirmed for breeding purposes.


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Class: Aves … Order: Psittaciformes … Family: Psittacidae … Subfamily: Psittacinae … Genus: Scientific: Pionus … English: Red-backed Parrot … Dutch: Roodstuitpapegaaien … German: Rotsteipapageien … French: Perroquets croupion rouge … CITES II: Endangered Species



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