Plegadis – bird genus (Ibises)

Plegadis is a genus of Ibises (wading birds) – the members of which have a mostly dark plumage, long legs and long, down-curved bill.

Ibises resemble herons and share many of their habitats and behavioral traits, but unlike herons, ibises fly with necks outstretched and often in V-formation.

Puna Ibis (Plegadis ridgwayi) found in Peru and domesticated

It contains the following species:

  • Glossy Ibis, Plegadis falcinellus – Found in warm regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Atlantic and Caribbean region of the Americas.
  • White-faced Ibis, Plegadis chihi – Found in western USA and Louisiana south through Mexico, as well as from southeastern Brazil and southeastern Bolivia south to central Argentina, and along the coast of central Chile.
  • Puna Ibis, Plegadis ridgwayi – Found in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

Diet / Feeding

Ibises mostly feed in shallow waters on aquatic insects, mollusks, frogs, and food sifted from the water surface.

Their diet also includes insects caught on land, as well as lizards, worms, skinks, and other small reptiles.


White-faced Ibises, Plegadis chihi - in non-breeding plumage

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