The genus Psephotus belongs to a family commonly referred to as Australian Grass Parakeets. Unlike other parrot species, all members of this genus show considerable sexual dimorphism (visual physical differences between the sexes.


Antbed Parrots

Beautiful Parakeets

Blue-bonnet Parrots

Naretha Blue-Bonnet Parrots

Pallid Yellow-vented Blue-Bonnets

Red-vented Blue-Bonnets

Golden-shouldered or Hooded Parrots aka Golden-tinged Parakeets, Chestnut-crowned Parakeets, Antbed Parrots

Hooded Parrots

Mulga Parrots / Mulga Parakeets aka Many-Colors Parrots, Many-Colors Parakeets, Varied Parrots

Red-rumped Parrots

Paler Red-rumped Parrots

Paradise Parrots

Grass ParakeetsPhotos of the Members of the Psephotus Family for Identification

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