Robin-chat Species Photo Gallery

Robin-chats are insect-eating African birds. Below are images of the different Robin-chat species – with each image being linked to the respective bird species page, with more photos and information about their ranges, description, breeding, diet and other relevant data.

White-crowned Robin-chat (Cossypha albicapilla)
Chorister Robin-chat (Cossypha dichroa)
Red-capped Robin-chat (Cossypha natalensis)
White-throated Robin-chat (Cossypha humeralis)
White-browed Robin-chat (Cossypha heuglini)
Snowy-crowned Robin-chat (Cossypha niveicapilla)
Archer’s Robin-chat (Cossypha archeri)
Mountain Robin-chat (Cossypha isabellae)
Robin-Chat, Cossypha caffra
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