Salvin’s Amazon Parrot

The Salvin Amazon’s is a subspecies of the Red-lored Amazon and is only found in a small area around southeast Nicaragua, Caribbean slopes of Costa Rica, Panama, Western Colombia and extreme northwest Venezuela; hybridises with autumnalis in northeast Nicaragua and lilacina in extreme southwest Colombia.

Due to its small distribution area there have never been large numbers exported from the wild and are not common in captivity but thankfully it appears they are still relatively common in the wild.


The Salvin’s Amazon is slightly larger than the nominate Red Lored Amazon averages 13.75 to 14 inches (~35 cm) in length (including tail) with a wing length of 7.75 to 9 inches (200 – 230 mm).

It looks like the Red Lored Amazon, except instead of yellow, the cheeks and ear-coverts are green. Also the inner webs of the outer tail-feathers are red.

Males and females look alike; although some breeders opine that mature females have brown irises while mature males have a golden iris.

If identifying the correct sex is important, this imprecise technique may not suffice and DNA sexing is recommended.

Side-by-side Comparison: Red Lored Amazon Parrot compared to Salvin's Amazon Parrot

Breeding / Nesting:

  • Average Clutch Size: 3 eggs
  • Incubation days: 26

Training and Behavioral Guidance:

Salvin’s Amazon Parrots are intelligent parrots that respond well to training.

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Species: Scientific: Amazona autumnalis salvini … English: Salvin’s Amazon … Dutch: Salvin’s Amazone … German: Salvin Amazone … French: Amazone de Salvin – CITES II – Endangered Species

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