Singing Parrots or Yellow-headed Parrots

The Singing Parrot (Geoffroyus heteroclitus) or “yellow headed parrot” is endemic to the subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests of Lavongai Island, Lihir Group, New Ireland, New Britain and Solomon Islands.

Geoffroyus – Long-winged Parrots
Singing Parrot


The Singing Parrot averages ~9.75 to 10 inches (~25 cm) in length, from head to the tip of the tail; and weighs around 5.6 to 6.8 oz (160-195g).

Male: The general plumage is green. His head is yellow, edged with a greyish-mauve collar around the neck. The breast, abdomen, upperside of tail, upper and under-tail-coverts are yellowish-green.

The lower back is green and there is a reddish-brown patch to the median wing-coverts. The under wing-coverts are violet-blue.

The tail underside is dusky yellow. He has narrow grey periophthalmic rings and pale yellow irises. The feet are grey and the upper beak is pale horn-colored.

The lower beak is dark grey.

Female: Hens look like males, except they have a greyish-brown head that is variably tinged blue. They lack the blue collar of the male. Her cheeks are more olive-grey and the upper and lower beaks are brownish-grey.

Young birds look like adult females, except the crown and nape has a bluish-grey tinge, washed with green. The upper and lower beaks are brownish-grey with dull yellow at base. The cere flesh is pink instead of grey. They have white eye rings and dark grey irises.

Voice / Call

Their calls are described as raucous and loud, both perched and in flight. They emit high-pitched whistling songs consisting of two notes.

Yellow-headed or Singing Parrot


Species: Scientific: Geoffroyus heteroclitus heteroclitus … English: Singing Parrot, Yellow-headed Parrot … Dutch: Zangpapegaai, Geelkop Papegaai … German: Gelbkopfpapagei … French: Perroquet Geoffrey à tête jaune … CITES II – Endangered


Rennell Singing Parrots (Geoffroyus heteroclitus hyacinthinus)

Distribution: This parrot is endemic to the Rennell Island in the Solomons, which explains its name.


Male: The Rennell Singing Parrot looks like the nominate form – the Singing Parrot (Heteroclitus) – described and featured above; except it has a greyish/blue-mauve collar band that extends to the back and upper breast, occasionally as far as sides of body and abdomen. Thebend of the wing is bluish. There is a bluish tinge to the primary coverts. The Rennell Singing Parrot is generally larger than the nominate form, averaging 10.5 inches (27 cm) in length (from head to tip of tail).

Female: The female looks like the nominate hen (featured above), but her crown and nape is a darker greyish-blue and reaching to neck and cheeks. Herprimary coverts have a bluish tinge and she is also generally larger than the nominate hen.

Species: Scientific: Geoffroyus heteroclitus hyacinthinus … English: Rennell Singing Parrot … Dutch: Rennell Geelkoppapegaai … German: Rennell Gelbkopfpapagei … French: Perroquet Geoffrey de jacinthe … CITES II – Endangered

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