Smoky Honeyeaters

The Smoky Honeyeater (Melipotes fumigatus) is a species of bird in the honeyeater family Meliphagidae. It is one of four species in the genus Melipotes, all closely related and forming a superspecies.

After another similar species, the Wattled Smoky Honeyeater, was discovered in 2005 in the Foja Mountains it has also been called the Common Smoky Honeyeater.

The species is endemic to the island of New Guinea, where it occurs in the Central Ranges across the length of the island as well as two isolated populations on north west and north of the island.

Smoky Honeyeater

There are three subspecies;

  1. the nominate race occurs in the East Herzog Mountains and south east New Guinea,M. f. kumawa is restricted to the southern Bomberai Peninsula andM. f. goliathi ranges from the Weyland Mountains to the west Herzog mountains.
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