Sparrow Species

Spanish Sparrow, Passer hispaniolensis, Noto, Sicily
Savannah Sparrow

American Tree Sparrows

Bachman’s Sparrows: Bachman’s Sparrow – Aimophila Aestivalis

Baird’s Sparrows

Black-chinned Sparrows

Black-throated Sparrows

Botteri Sparrows: The Botteri’s Sparrow, Aimophila botterii, is a medium-sized sparrow found primarily in Mexico, with a breeding range that extends to the southeastern tip of Arizona. Small populations can be found in the southern-most tip of Texas.

Brewer’s Sparrows (Spizella breweri)

Cassin’s Sparrows

Chipping Sparrows (Spizella passerina)

Black-throated Sparrow

Clay-colored Sparrows

Dusky Seaside Sparrows

English Sparrows

Eurasian Tree Sparrows

Field Sparrows

Fox Sparrows

Golden-crowned Sparrows

Grasshopper Sparrows

Harris’ Sparrows

Henslow’s Sparrows

House Sparrows

Java Sparrows

Lark Sparrows

LeConte’s Sparrows

Lincoln’s Sparrows

Olive Sparrows (American Sparrow)

House Sparrow

Rufous-crowned Sparrows

Rufous-winged Sparrows

Sage Sparrows

Savannah Sparrows

Scott’s Seaside Sparrows

Seaside Sparrows

Sharp-tailed Sparrows: Nelson’s Sharp-tailed SparrotsSaltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrows

Song Sparrows

Southern Grey-headed Sparrows (Passer diffusus)

Spanish Sparrows or Willow Sparrows (Passer hispaniolensis)

Swamp Sparrows (American Sparrow)

Tree Sparrows

Vesper Sparrows

White-crowned Sparrows

White-throated Sparrows

American Tree Sparrow, Spizella arborea
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