Species of Ducks

Duck InformationDuck Species Photos
Mallard Ducks aka Hawaiian Mallard or Koloa (Anas platyrhynchos; Greek for
Cape Teal

American Coots (Puddle Ducks) – Belongs to the Rail family

American Wigeons

Australian Spotteds

Australian Wood Ducks

Aylesbury Ducks

Baer’s Pochards

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (Whistling Duck)

Black Ducks (Puddle Ducks):

Black Scoters (aka American Scoter)

Common Loons

Blue Ducks (Perching Duck)

Blue-billed Ducks

Blue Swedish Ducks

Buffleheads (Diving Ducks)

Burdekin Duck aka Radjah Shelduck

Brazilian Ducks

Bronze-winged Ducks

Call Ducks

Campells Ducks aka Khaki Campbell or White Campbell Ducks

Canvasbacks (Diving Ducks)


Comb Ducks (Perching Duck)

Anas formosa

Crested Ducks

Dabbling Ducks

Diving Ducks


Ferruginous Ducks

Freckled Ducks

Eurasian Wigeon

Falcated Ducks or Falcated Teals

Fulvous Whistling-Ducks (Dendrocygna bicolor)

Gadwalls (Puddle Ducks)

Garganey Ducks

Goldeneye Ducks (Diving Ducks)

Khaki Campbell

Harleqin Ducks

Chestnut Teal (Anas castanea)

Hawaiian Duck aka Koloa (Anas wyvilliana)

Indian Runner Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos)

Labrador Ducks

Long-tailed Ducks

Magpie Ducks (domesticted ducks)

Mallard Ducks aka Puddle Ducks (Anas – Platyrynchos)

Mandarin Ducks (Aix galericulata – Perching Ducks)

Maned Ducks

Marbled Ducks or Marbled Teals

Merganser Ducks

Masked Ducks

Mexican Ducks (Puddle Ducks)

Mottled Ducks (Puddle Ducks)

Muscovy Ducks (Perching Duck)

Pekin Ducks aka Domestic Duck, White Pekin Duck (Anas – Domesticus)

Pink-eared Ducks (Perching Duck)

Pink-headed Ducks (Extinct)

Prairie Ducks (Mallards)

Pintails (Dabbling Ducks)


Puddle Ducks

Puna Teal (Anas puna)

Putangitangis (Paradise Shelduck)

Pygmy Goose

Red-crested Pochard (Diving Ducks)

Redheads (Diving Ducks)

Ring-necked Ducks (Diving Ducks)

Ruddy Ducks (Diving Ducks)

Rouen Ducks

Scaups (Diving Ducks)



Shovelers / Northern Shovelers


Spot-billed Ducks

Steller’s Eider

Steamer Ducks

Swedish Blue Ducks

Swedish Ducks – Black Swedish Ducks

Teal Ducks (Puddle Ducks)

Torrent Ducks

Tree Ducks (Puddle Ducks):

Tufted Ducks

Whistling Ducks

White-cheeked Pintails

White-backed Ducks

White Headed Ducks


Wood Ducks (Puddle Ducks)

Yellow-billed Ducks

Yellow-billed Pintails

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