Gazer – the Lovebird Ambassador:

Gazer, my best friend and companion crossed the rainbow bridge on June 15, 2000 due to visceral gout. (Unfortunately, I didn’t have the information that I have available now — or he might have been still alive.) Necropsy results came back negative for viral or bacterial lesions – this did not lessen the sorrow about having lost my sweet buddy … He is greatly missed by me and everyone who met him.

As a baby Gazer was severely handicapped. He walked in circles all the time. His head was bent right back. Feeding the baby was difficult, since his head was upside down. It was a challenge. But in the end all the hard work was well worth it. Gazer had turned into the most lovable pet possible and later on was nearly normal.

I found out that his ‘handicap’ had actually turned into an ‘asset’. He was able to move his head quite normally, but had the additional ability to turn his head fully back, like he always used to do as a baby. He was more ‘fully’ abled than any other lovebird I have seen. People were amazed when he turned his head back like that. They didn’t even realize that this wasn’t normal … I suppose they thought that ALL birds could do that. Every person that met him was charmed and would say: “I didn’t know lovebirds were that wonderful!” Gazer most surely was!

Anyway, here was Gazer in his “Snuggly”:

Gazer in his Sleeping Tent

Below is how he turned his head back. Unfortunately the pictures aren’t very good.


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