Streaked Spiderhunter


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The Streaked Spiderhunters (Arachnothera magna) occur naturally in the Himalayas, Myanmar and south-east Asia.

Distribution / Habitat

The Streaked Spiderhunters are resident (non-migratory) in central and eastern Himalayas and north-east India; specifically occurring in the following countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, north-east India, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam.

They occur in broad-leaved evergreen and mixed deciduous forests and secondary growth, in particularly favoring areas with wild bananas, at elevations from 2,700 up to 6,000 feet (820 – 1,830 meters).

Subspecies and Ranges:

  • Arachnothera magna magna (Hodgson, 1836) – Nominate race
    • Range: Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, eastern Bangladesh and northeastern India east to southern China (southeastern Xizang east to western, southern and southeastern Yunnan, southwestern Guizhou and western Guangxi) and northern Myanmar
  • Arachnothera magna aurata Blyth, 1855
    • Range: Central and eastern Burma – also known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar – a country in Southeast Asia
  • Arachnothera magna musarum Deignan, 1956
    • Range: Southeastern Myanmar, northern Thailand, Laos and western Tonkin – the northernmost part of Vietnam
  • Arachnothera magna pagodarum (Deignan, 1956)
    • Range: Southern Myanmar, western Thailand and southern Malay Peninsula.
  • Arachnothera magna remota (Riley, 1940)
    • Range: South central and southern Vietnam

Streaked Spiderhunter


The Streaked Spiderhunters measure 6.7 – 8.1 inches (17 – 20.5 cm) in length (including the tail).

They have very long, down-curved bills and bright orange legs.

The upper plumage is olive-green with bold streaks. The plumage below is paler, but also boldly streaked.

Calls / Vocalizations / Sounds

Sound Recordings

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ????? … Czech: Strdimil ostnitý, strdimil proužkovaný … Danish: Stribet Edderkoppejæger … Dutch: Gestreepte Spinnenjager … Finnish: Viirulukkinen … French: Arachnothère striée, Grand Arachnotère, Grand Arachnothère … German: Strichelspinnenjäger, Strichel-Spinnenjäger … Italian: Cacciaragni striato, Mangiaragni striato … Japanese: tatejimakumokaridori … Norwegian: Stripeedderkoppjeger, Stripeederkoppjeger … Polish: pajecznik kreskowany, paj?cznik kreskowany … Russian: ???????????? ??????????-??????????, ????????? ??????????-?????????? … Slovak: pavuciarka ciarkavá, pavu?iarka ?iarková … Spanish: Arañera Rayada, Arañero Estriado … Swedish: Streckad spindeljägare … Thai: ?????????????

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