Old World Babblers

Striped Tit-Babbler

Striped Tit-Babbler

Striped Tit-babblersThe Striped Tit-babbler Macronous gularis is a species of Old World babbler found in South and Southeast Asia.


The species has a distinctive yellowish supercilium (line above eye) and rufous crown. The throat is yellowish with brown streaks.

Call is a loud repeated chonk-chonk-chonk-chonk-chonk somewhat reminiscent of a Common Tailorbird.

They forage in small flocks and creep and clamber in low vegetation. They breed in the pre-monsoon season from February to July and build a loose ball shaped nest made from grasses and leaves.


The species is widely distributed and is found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.[2]

In India, there are disjunct populations in southern India. This population was recorded by Salim Ali from Antharasanthe near the Kabini reservoir. There were no records of the species from this area after the initial collection. The southern population was rediscovered from the Masinagudi area in Mudumalai in 2004.[3]

Other populations are found in the northern Eastern Ghats.

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