Tennessee Warblers

The migratory Tennessee Warblers (Vermivora peregrina) breed in northern North America across Canada and the northern USA and move south to winter in southern Central America. It is a very rare vagrant to Western Europe. This warbler was named from a specimen collected in Tennessee where it may appear during migration.


The Tennessee Warbler measures about 11.5 cm in length and has an average weight of 8.5 g. The breeding male has a brown upper plumage and is whitish below. The head is grey with a white supercilium (line above each eye) and black eye stripes.

Tennessee Warbler feeding on nectar

Females are duller, with a less contrasted head and yellow-tinged under-parts.

Non-breeding and juvenile birds resemble the female; exceptfirst-winter sub-adults are particularly yellow below.

Call / Vocalization

Its song has been described as a series of musical notes and trills; and its calls as a sharp sit.

Diet / Feeding

During the summers (breeding season), the Tennessee Warblers mostly feed on insects. They will also take berries in the winter.

Breeding / Nesting

Tennessee Warblers breed in coniferous or mixed woodland, especially spruce.Their cup nests are placed on the ground. The average nest consists of laying 4-7 eggs.

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