Todiramphus is a genus of kingfishers in the family Halcyonidae. The name is often spelt Todirhamphus but Todiramphus is the original valid spelling.

There are around 20-22 extant species in the genus but the classification of several Pacific island forms is still unclear. The range of the genus extends from the Red Sea in the west to French Polynesia in the east with the greatest diversity in Australasia.

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Guam Kingfisher, T. c. cinnamominus


Members of Todiramphus are medium-sized kingfishers with flattened beaks. They are typically blue or blue-green above with pale underparts. They often have a pale collar and stripe over the eye.

Habitat and Breeding

Many species are commonly found well away from water and feed largely on terrestrial animals such as insects and lizards.

The nest is built in a cavity, most often in a tree.

Collared Kingfisher (Todiramphus chloris)

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