Trindade Petrels (Pterodroma arminjoniana)

The Trindade Petrels (Pterodroma arminjoniana) are seabirds found in two separate locations:

  • Trindade Petrels (Pterodroma arminjoniana arminjoniana) – Nominate Race. Found in the south Atlantic near Trinidade and Martin Vaz Islands and in the Indian Ocean at Round Island in Mauritius.
  • Herald Petrel(Pterodroma (arminjoniana) heraldica – may be a distinct species. The Pacific form occurs in the southern Pacific, from northeastern Australia and throughout the tropical Pacific to Eastern Island. (del Hoyo, Elliott, and Sargatal, 1992). They nest off Brazil. There are some rare sightings in the Gulf Stream off the southeastern United States. In May 2007, this species was observed off the coast of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, which greatly increases the knownrange of this species.


The Trindade Petrel measures 35 – 39 cm in length and have a wingspan of 88-102 cm.

Two color morphs have been identified: one light and one dark phase

Distribution / Breeding

They breed throughout the year, although most breeding activities are observed from October through April.

They nest on cliff ledges, ridges and rocky slopes.

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