green crested turaco

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There are 23 species of Turacos currently recognized by most authorities. Below is a listing:


Bannerman’s Turacos, Tauraco bannermani

Bare-faced Go-away Birds, Corythaixoides personatus

Black-billed Turacos, Tauraco schuetti

Buffon’s Turacos, Tauraco persa buffoni

Eastern Grey Plantain-eaters, Crinifer zonurus

Fischer’s Turacos, Tauraco fischeri

Go-away Birds, Corythaixoides

Great Blue Turacos, Corythaeola cristata

Green Turacos, Tauraco persa persa

Grey Go-away Birds, Corythaixoides concolor

Guinea Turacos, Tauraco persa zenkeri

Hartlaub’s Turacos, Tauraco hartlaubi

Knysna Turacos, Tauraco corythaix

Lady Ross Turacos, Musophaga rossae

Livingstone’s Turacos, Tauraco livingstonii

Prince Ruspoli’s Turacos, Tauraco ruspoli

Purple-crested Turacos, Tauraco porphyreolophus

Red-crested Turacos, Tauraco erythrolophus

Ross’s Turacos, Musophaga rossae

Ruwenzori Turacos, Ruwenzorornis johnstoni

Ruspoli’s Turacos, Tauraco ruspolii

Schalow’s Turacos, Tauraco schalowi

Violaceous Turaco aka Violet Turacos, Musophaga violacea

Western Grey Plantain-eaters, Crinifer piscator

White-bellied Go-away Birds, Corythaixoides Leucogaster

White-cheeked Turacos, Tauraco leucotis

White-crested Turacos, Tauraco leucolophus

Yellow-billed Turacos, Tauraco macrorhynchus


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