The Unicolored or Alagoas Antwrens (Myrmotherula unicolor) are small, endangered antwrens that are found in Brazil, where they have a limited range.  They generally inhabit lower and middle levels of humid forests. These active birds usually forage alone or in pairs; but may also join mixed-species flocks.

Species & Ranges:

  • Unicolored Antwrents – Myrmotherula unicolor (nominate race) –
    • Range: northern Rio de Janeiro to extreme northern Rio Grande do Sul.
    • Listed as Near Threatened due to habitat loss or degradation
  • Alagoas Antwrens – Myrmotherula snowi (sub-species):
    • Range: northeastern Brazil (Alagoas near Murici on R. Pedra Branca) – Critically Endangered
    • Listed as Critically Endangered because it is believed to have a very small population that may be restricted to a single subpopulation 

Unicoloured Antwren


Small birds measuring 9 – 10 cm, including the short tail.

  • The male has a uniformly grey plumage with a small dark throat patch
  • The female have a uniformly brown-grey plumage  The Alagoas female has a cinnamon-colored plumage.  

Calls / Vocalizations:

Their songs are described as a high sharp series of whistles.

Global Names:

  • Czech: mravenčík šedý / Mravencík tmavošedý
  • Danish: Alagoasmyresmutte, Ensfarvet Myresmutte
  • German: Einfarb-Ameisenschlüpfer
  • English: Unicolored Antwren, Alagoas Antwren, Unicoloured Antwren
  • Spanish: Hormiguero Unicolor
  • Finnish: Hiirimuuranen
  • French: Myrmidon unicolore, Myrmidon unicolore ou M. de Snow
  • Italian: Scricciolo formichiere unicolore
  • Japanese: mujihimearisazai /   ムジヒメアリサザイ
  • Scientific: Myrmothera unicolor, Myrmotherula  snowi 
  • Lithuanian: Pietinė karietaitinė skruzdlesė
  • Dutch: Effen Miersluiper
  • Norwegian: Tinnmaursmett
  • Polish: mrówiaczek jednobarwny
  • Portuguese: Choquinha-cinzenta, formigueiro-unicolor
  • Russian: Одноцветная крапивниковая муравьеловка
  • Slovak: pralesnícek jednofarebný
  • Swedish: Enfärgad myrsmyg
  • Ukrainian: Кадук ріо-грандський
  • Chinese: 纯色蚁鹩 /  純色蟻鷯


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