Wangi Wangi White-eyes

The Wangi Wangi White-eye (Zosterops sp. nov.) is a recently-discovered endangered bird of the white-eye family.


It was found in 2003 near the village of Wanci on Sulawesi Island and Wangiwangi Island after which the bird has been provisionally named.

The island is part of the Tukangbesi Islands to the south-east of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

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The bird is similar to the Sulawesi White-eye (Zosterops consobrinorum, also known as Pale-bellied White-eye) and may be a subspecies of it. However it has a number of differences including larger size, a black body, a long yellow beak, a gray breast and pale feet.

Like most white-eyes it has a white ring around the eye and green upperparts.

It is also known as the Sulawesi white eye.

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