White-lored Euphonias

The White-lored Euphonia (Euphonia chrysopasta) is a South American songbird found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.


They are between 11 and 12 cm long (including the tail).

The male has dull plumage, olive above. The back of the head, nape (back of the neck) are grey. Below they are golden yellow mottled with olive. He has a conspicuous white loral area (area between the beak and the eye) and chin.

The female looks like the male, except her underparts are pale grey.

Diet / Feeding

Their diet consists of a variety of tree-borne fruits. In particular, they are known to feed on mistletoe berries. Their gut is specially adapted for mistletoe berries, which are poisonous.

These finches tend to move to places where mistletoe berries are the most abundant. They are most commonly seen in small groups foraging in their favored feeding areas.


Euphonias are known for their almost constant singing. Their best known calls sound like “Pe-we,” “see-see,” and “beem-beem“.

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