White-naped Crane

The White-naped Crane is a bird of the crane family.



The birds are about 130 cm (4 ft) tall and weigh about 5.6 kg (12 lbs.) The have pinkish legs, grey and white striped neck and a red face patch.


Distribution / Habitat:

Only about 4,900 and 5,400 remain in the wild. The bird breeds in northeastern Mongolia, northeastern China, and adjacent areas of southeastern Russia where a program at Khinganski Nature Reserve raises eggs provided from U.S. zoos to bolster the species.

Different groups of the birds migrate to winter near the Yangtze River, the DMZ in Korea and on Kyushu in Japan. They also reach Kazakhstan and Taiwan.

White-naped Crane - Distribution Map


Breeding / Nesting:

The eggs are about 3 1/2 inches in length.

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