Yellow-winged Vireo

Yellow-winged Vireo, Vireo carmioli, is endemic to the highlands of Costa Rica and western Panama, and can be found in the canopy of mountain forests from 2000 m to the timberline.


The adult Yellow-winged Vireos are 11.5 cm in long and weigh 13 g.

They have olive-green upperparts and blackish wings with two yellow wing bars. Their yellowish supercilium joins the interrupted white eye ring. The throat is white, and the underparts are pale yellow with some olive on the flanks.

Young birds are browner above and have very pale yellow underparts.

Breeding / Nesting :

Both parents participate in constructing a small cup nest placed in the fork of a small branch 3-20 m high in a tree or scrub. The hen lays two dark-spotted white egg. Both parents incubate the eggs and raise the yougn.


Insects and small fruits.


This vireo has a nasal nit call and the song is a high slurred viree chichu chuyee; viree viree cheeyu; viree witchum vireee.

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