Do Cockatiels Like Mirrors? Or Shiny Objects?

Do Cockatiels Like Mirror

Yes, Cockatiels like mirrors either in their cage or somewhere close by. Cockatiels are very intelligent birds that like to have something to do at all times and stay well stimulated. They will sing, chirp, and even chat to other birds and even their keepers. They are also very affectionate and will often give you … Read more

Do Bowerbirds Mate for Life?

Do Bowerbirds Mate for Life

Ailuroedus, better known as catbirds are the only species of bowerbirds that mate for life. All other species of bowerbirds will mate with as many different mates as they can. This leads to the females of all the other species of bowerbirds, other than ailuroedus, raising their young on their own. Since catbirds do mate … Read more

Parrot Species by Country

yellow headed parrot

Parrot Information … Index of Non-Parrot Bird Species This index is separated by country listing only the major groups/species. However, links to comprehensive listings for each continent / locality are also provided. Parrots found in North, Central and South Americans and Caribbean Islands (New World) Includes: Amazon Parrots, Barraband’s Parrots, Brotogeris, Caiques, Pionus, Canary-winged Parakeets, … Read more

What Fruits Can Budgies Eat? 17 Options!

Which Fruits Can Budgies Eat

Imagine eating the same food breakfast, lunch, and supper – as well as all the same snacks in between. I’d die of boredom! The same goes for your feathered friends. Pet birds should not only live solely on a seed diet. Wild budgies forage for their food and feast on delicious veggies, and gorgeous … Read more

Why Do Birds Fly Low Over Water? Explained!

Birds Fly Low Over Water

If you have ever been sitting near the water, you must have witnessed it. Terns, skimmers, and pelicans at sea, or swifts and swallows over rivers, flying low just above the water’s surface at quite a high speed As you watched their skillful maneuvering and the way they glided so close to the water but … Read more

The Effects of Tobacco Use on Avian Species

Tobacco products are severely detrimental to birds. They are proven to cause not only respiratory distress and disease, but they are also responsible for illnesses in every other body system. Second-and third-hand smoke are the most common causes of tobacco-related diseases; however, other forms of tobacco and nicotine products cause damage as well – damage … Read more