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  • Protects against bites & scratches: Birds have sharp claws combined with a strong grip which can result in marks, scratches, and even painful bleeding puncture wounds on the bird owner’s skin. Even the tamest bird is known to bite if startled or upset. Handle and train pet birds, yet be protected from discomfort or injury associated with sharp claws and strong beaks. Pick your pet up from its cage without worries of being attacked; train a new pet to step up on your hand while being protected from bites.
  • The Arm Wrap adjusts easily to an arm or hand perch: Offers a pet a comfortable perch with more stability and a better grip than they would have when perched directly on an owner’s arm / hand.
  • The Arm Wrap slips on or off with ease: After the initial installation, the locking anchor keeps it in place. Thereafter, the elastic cord will allow the owner to slip the perch on and off without having to readjust it.

The perches come in 5 diameters to accommodate little to large birds:  Choose the diameter perch that suits your pet’s size (for size guide, please scroll down), but also take into consideration the size perch your pet favors as well as the circumference of the owner’s arm. A 2” perch is very bulky. So if a pet can comfortably sit on 1.5” perch, that size perch is likely to work better for a woman / petite person.

The Arm Wrap is made of heavy duty, gold/tan, distressed, faux leather that LOOKS and FEELS like real leather. Unlike the vast majority of faux leather, it also breathes like genuine leather. The top layer consists of polyurethane and the back, which touches the skin, is comfortable, soft, cotton fleece. Since the fabric’s strength exceeds 125,000 Double Rubs (standard of measure), it is rated as “Heavy Duty” (15K+ is considered Heavy Duty).

The Arm & Hand Perch adjusts easily to the bird owner’s arm OR hand. Once it has been installed with the desired tension, the locking anchor keeps it in place, and the elastic cord will allow the owner to slip the arm and hand perch on and off easily, day after day, without having to make any additional adjustments.

More Balance & Grip: Birds maintain a strong grip around a dowel but will easily lose balance when standing on a flat, moving surface (as on bird owner’s arm or hand). The wooden perch itself sits elevated over the fabric to allow a bird to grip around it.

The perch is available in the following diameters:

  • Small (1/2” dia dowel): For small birds, up to the size of cockatiels, small conures, lovebirds, small parakeets, parrotlets and other similarly sized birds (weighing up to 5 oz / ~ 150 grams)
  • Medium (3/4” dia dowel): Average Conures, Caiques, Lories, Pionus, Poicephalus, Mini Macaws, Large Parakeets and other birds weighing less than 10 oz (~300 grams)
  • Large (1” dia dowel): African Greys, Amazons, Small Cockatoos, Large Conures, Eclectus Parrots, smaller macaws and cockatoos, Hawk-headed Parrots, and other birds of similar size (weighing less than 16 oz / 450 grams or more)
  • X-Large (1.5” dia dowel):Average Macaws, Cockatoos and large Amazon Parrots
  • Jumbo (2” dia dowel):Largest Macaws, such as Hyacinths; largest Cockatoos (such as Palm Cockatoos) and large Birds of Prey

NOTE: A pet’s preferences of the dowel diameter may differ, depending on a bird’s past perching habits and physical challenges. It is best to choose a dowel size that is close to what a bird is using in its cage. The perch is removable and can be replaced with another size.

Bird Safe! The extra-strength fabric allowed us to avoid grommets altogether, which was important since all the grommets we came across contained zinc (resulting in heavy metal toxicity), with the exception of one plastic version which we found to come off easily as the fabric stretched. So the best solution was a fabric that was so strong that holes, once heat sealed, didn’t need to be reinforced. For the perch, we used stainless steel hardware.

A bird harness or lanyard (not included) can be attached to one of the holes or slits below to allow hands-free and comfortable transport of pet.

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Need customization (longer base or perch, etc.)? We CAN DO THAT! Please send us your specs! We consider your suggestions opportunities to improve this product line. So BRING IT ON!

We guarantee our products. If you are in any way dissatisfied with our products, we will do anything we can to regain your trust, including customizing this product to your specifications.

Note: Based on Avianweb’s ongoing commitment to product quality and innovation, we reserve the right to implement changes to the design and materials at any time and without prior notice in order to improve function and usability of our products.

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